This Company Is Changing the DNA of Vegetables To Make Them Taste Better


There are tons of ways to change up the natural taste of vegetables and leafy greens. Cooking them certain ways, pairing them with certain foods, and eating them during certain seasons can all affect their flavor. But one company is bypassing all that and looking at fruit and vegetable DNA in order to make them tastier before they are even harvested.

According to a report by Food Dive, the company is called Pairwise and they are editing the genes of foods so more people will eat them. They’re hoping to introduce the first vegetable in their lineup in 2022 — a leafy green that might not be as bitter as it normally is. Their plan is to release the first fruit the year after. It will probably be a seedless blackberry or another type of fruit grown in a tree or bush.

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Unlike genetically modified crops (GMOs), Pairwise has vowed to not add anything to the fruit and vegetable DNA. Instead, they want to alter it. The process they use is called CRISPR, which edits genomes.

If all goes smoothly, the company hopes to not only create delicious greens and seedless blackberries, but also seedless cherries. Yep, by 2023 you may never have to deal with taking the seeds out ever again! This means recipes like this Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding With Pistachios can be in and out of the oven to enjoy a lot sooner.

There is already a debate about non-GMO and organic foods. Both labels are found on many grocery store staples and are associated with “healthier” options. Foods that are non-GMO are always organic, but not all organic foods are non-GMO, according to one registered dietitian. Read more about the difference between the two here.

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