Over 7,800 shoppers gave this ‘miraculous’ air purifier near-perfect marks — and it’s 44 percent off


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Score 40 percent off for a limited time. (Photo: Amazon)
Score 40 percent off for a limited time. (Photo: Amazon)

If you’ve always equated air purifiers with doctor’s offices and hospitals, it might be time to start seeing them differently. Air purifiers are a line of defense against pollen, pet dander and allergens — they attract and capture all the microscopic particles floating in the air to give you a cleaner, fresher home. They even get rid of lingering food odors — think the chicken tikka masala you made for dinner last night.

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer amount of options out there: We know one that’s not only on sale, but has thousands of rave reviews to back it up. That’s right: The Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier, on sale for $100 (was $180), looks like an art installation, but it’s not all aesthetics. This thing is a powerhouse, trapping over 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, smoke, allergens and odors.

An Amazon’s Choice, it uses a three-stage filter to trap the nasty stuff — a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and finally, a true HEPA filter. A built-in UV-C light provides an extra layer of sanitation. It’s energy-efficient, too, so your bill won’t suddenly skyrocket.

Save 40 percent off on this top-rated purifier. (Photo: Amazon)
Save 40 percent off on this top-rated purifier. (Photo: Amazon)

Over 7,800 shoppers have rated the Pure Enrichment purifier an average of 4.7 stars — a rare feat! Plus, over 95 percent of shoppers rated it four stars or higher.

“We have had this for a couple days and what a help it has been,” one shopper shared. “We have at least five wildfires burning near us with unhealthful air for several weeks. I have stopped coughing, my eyes don’t ache and I don’t have a headache after using this. For being small, it has performed really well. Works perfectly at night in the bedroom and during the day I put it in the kitchen and near the computer and it is wonderful. So worth the money.”

It’s also a great find for those with allergies — particularly of the pet kind.

“I bought two units for my cousin’s house where I go twice a year for a week,” one wrote. “My allergy to her cat was getting so bad I thought I’d have to stop visiting. I ordered the PureZone in hopes I’d get enough relief to be able to continue my visits. When I got there and walked into her house, I immediately got hoarse — for me, the first symptom of cat allergies. After about half an hour of the unit running, my symptoms were gone. A single unit wouldn’t have done it in the space (smallish living room open to the dining room) but the two running simultaneously did the trick.”

The whisper-quiet gadget has plenty of fans in the pet pawrent community.

One chimed in: “This is completely miraculous. I found the solution to the stench in the foster kitten room. No matter how often I cleaned up, it was disastrous in the morning after the room had been closed up overnight. Ran it overnight and for the first time I did not want to die when I went in there this morning—it smelled pristine. AND some clever kitten had switched off the power strip overnight, so it clearly wasn’t running the whole time. So glad I discovered this. It’s also amazingly quiet—you hardly know it’s on.”

In short: This gizmo is so popular, it practically has a fan club.

“I bought this because I live in a small New York apartment without a vent hood over the stove,” a 5-star reviewer wrote. “I love cooking; the smell would linger for hours afterward. After some research I found a recommendation for an HEPA filter, and I am so glad I purchased this! I turn it on high during breakfast, leave it on low when I leave, and by the time I come back for lunch, the apartment is smelling fresh again! It has made a huge change, and I definitely recommend this product!”

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