One Simple Grocery Shopping Error You Don’t Know You’re Making


There are tons of grocery shopping tips out there that can help you spend less. Picking up things in season, using up leftovers, sticking to a list, and planning ahead area few. But one grocery shopping error won’t be solved with these tips, though. Simply going to the grocery store less will save you a ton of money.

Almost 40% of people are spending about $50 more at their local supermarket this year, according to a July survey from The Manifest. The coronavirus pandemic is a big contributing factor in the rise since restaurants were forced to close dine-in services for safety. However, limiting the number of trips taken each week or month, in turn, limits how much money is spent and prevents this grocery shopping error from happening. (Related: This Is the Only One Way to Contract COVID-19 at the Grocery Store.)

This tip is especially important, too, considering prices for groceries are expected to rise significantly in 2021 while the number of choices will go down. Prices dipped this year around June and July, but have since risen to May’s averages. But by this time next year, households could spend $400 more on groceries. Yet, the number of items in stores and online is going down, according to The Washington Post.

Many people have taken to buying in bulk this year to allow them to go to the grocery store less. While that may seem like a good idea, buying more than you need can lead to product shortages. Some essential items, like paper towels, toilet paper, and flour, have all been scarce because of panic buying. While the initial pandemic bulk buying was months ago, there still is a shortage of paper towels at many grocery stores across the country. Many factories still aren’t able to keep up with the high demand from March, April, and beyond.

One way to prevent this grocery shopping error and limit the number of physical trips is to shop online. Many are already browsing the aisles virtually instead of in person. Just be sure to correctly put in how many of an item you want. Some customers are accidentally ordering a lot more of an item than they mean to.

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