Officer caught on own camera saying ‘let’s get these motherf******’ at George Floyd protests


Police body camera footage from a George Floyd protest in San Jose, California (San Jose Police Department)
Police body camera footage from a George Floyd protest in San Jose, California (San Jose Police Department)

Body camera footage from George Floyd protests in San Jose, California, show a police officer reveling in the chance to use force against protesters.  

During one of the body camera videos, a police officer can be heard shouting “Hell yeah! Let’s get some!” and “Let’s get these motherf******” before attempting to apprehend protesters.  

The footage also showed an incident in which a police officer who hit a fleeing individual with his motorcycle and another showed police beating a man with a foam baton after he was pulled over the police skirmish line.  

The San Jose Police Department released the footage on Friday after months of heavy criticism from community members about police conduct during the protests. Police Chief Eddy Garcia said he hoped releasing the footage would “provide the public more clarity into each of these incidents.”

“Each video is only one piece of information used to fully understand a complex event,” Mr Garcia said. “Some opinions and conclusions may be affected after watching certain videos; others will not.”

In one video, officer Jared Yuen can be heard yelling “Hell yeah, let’s get some” and “Let’s get these motherf******” as police descend on a man who allegedly threw a bottle.  

Concerned community members have called for Mr Yuen to resign over his commentary and general attitude toward dealing with protesters. The police department claims it has launched a probe into Mr Yuen’s conduct which is still underway.  

At another point in the video, an officer calls a woman demonstrator a “b****.”

“Everyone’s upset. Everyone’s angry. Why are you on that side? Why are you not standing with us right now? Why do you have a baton in your hand?” she asked.  

“Shut up, b****,” the officer responded.  

An unidentified protester then yells “f*** you n*****,” to the officer.  

In another clip, police officers chase a man through the streets after he allegedly attempts to enter a closed bank. During the chase, an officer fires a non-lethal projectile at the fleeing individual and hits him in the lower part of his body. The man then darts into the street and runs parallel to the sidewalk until a police officer on a motorcycle plows into him, knocking him to the ground.  

A third clip shows a protester being wrestled to the ground by police after they declared the gathering an unlawful assembly. Police claim the protesters were throwing objects like rocks and bottles at them. They further claimed that the man who was wrestled to the ground attempted to grab one of their batons and tried to punch them.

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