Kat Dennings supports Billie Eilish after singer is body-shamed

Kat Dennings supports Billie Eilish after singer is body-shamed

Dollface star Kat Dennings came to Billie Eilish’s defense Wednesday, after the singer was criticized for her body. This came days after 18-year-old Eilish, who usually wears baggy clothing, was photographed by paparazzi wearing a tank top and shorts while out in Los Angeles.

Dennings, 34, said the hateful comments about Eilish after the photo went public said more about the people spewing the hate than it did about Eilish.

“As someone who looked exactly like that at her age, it’d be nice for this unhealthy nonsense to f*** right off,” Dennings continued. “She’s beautiful and normal goodbye!”

Dennings, who’s often described in the media as “curvy,” told the New York Times in May 2012 that casting agents she encountered in the early days of her career told her to lose weight, along with dyeing her hair and making other changes to her appearance. She’s since had a lot of success, no thanks to them.

Kat Dennings has come to Billie Eilish’s defense. (Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Refinery29)

After internet trolls railed against Eilish, the “Bad Guy” singer responded by sharing one of YouTuber Chizi Duru’s videos, in which she asks, “Can we normalize real bodies?”

Billie Eilish shared a video from Chizi Duru. (Photo: Instagram Stories)

“Instagram has warped a lot of y’all into thinking NORMAL bodies are abnormal. NO,” Duru originally captioned the video. “Not every Black girl has a shelf behind them. Stomach pudge is completely normal. Most boobs SAGGGG. And to all my mamas out there, it’s ok! You brought LIFE into this world sis.”

Eilish explained to Elle in October 2019 that she tends to wear baggy clothes not because she’s insecure about her body but because society sexualizes young girls. She recalled a time when another photo of her in a tank top caused a frenzy.

“My boobs were trending on Twitter!” she said. “At number one! What is that?! Every outlet wrote about my boobs!”

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