Japan built a life-sized Gundam robot and Twitter is freaking out


Move over, Optimus Prime: here’s a giant robot who won’t be disguised. Twitter is flipping out after video footage revealed that a larger-than-life ‘bot has been constructed in Yokohama, Japan. And it’s not just a stationary creation — this super-sized robot can really move.

This particular wonder of the world was constructed by the wizards at the Gundam Factory Yokohama, an attraction based on the eternally popular Gundam franchise that dates back to the 1970s. Underneath the towering Gundam, which weighs in at 25 tons and hits the 60-foot mark in height, visitors can enjoy cafes, shops and educational exhibitions. Originally scheduled to be unveiled in October, the Gundam Factory’s grand opening has been delayed until later in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Construction on the robot was completed last month, and the engineers have been putting it through its paces to the delight — and mild fear — of onlookers around the world.

While Gundam fans recognized the robot for what it is — a really awesome feat of imagin-engineering to rival anything at Disney World — some folks online seemed to confuse it as a serious cornerstone of Japan’s 21st-century national defense. Those same folks were promptly schooled by anime robot experts.

If Gundam Factory Yokohama becomes Japan’s next big tourist destination, here’s hoping some intrepid U.S. engineers start construction on an actual Iron Giant.

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