Chris Cuomo calls out hypocrisy on SCOTUS appointments after showing clip of Trump from 2016 [Video]


Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Friday night, there was almost an immediate push by Senate Republicans to fill the vacancy, despite saying in 2016 that a vacancy shouldn’t be filled in an election year and blocking President Obama’s pick. On Cuomo Prime Time Monday, Chris Cuomo played a clip of his interview with President Trump from March of 2016, in which the president echoed the same sentiment.

“I think the next president should make the pick,” Trump said. “And I think they shouldn’t go forward, and I believe, you know, I’m pretty much in line with what the Republicans are saying. I think that the next president should make the pick. We don’t have a very long distance to wait. Certainly they could wait it out very easily. But I think the next president should make the pick. I would be not in favor of going forward.”

Despite saying in 2016 that it shouldn’t be done, Trump, like so many Republicans, has changed his stance and said he’ll pick his nominee by the end of the week, less than a month-and-a-half before the election.

“A man of his word, right? If that word is ‘Me.’ Because when it’s about him, everything’s okay,” Cuomo said. “So where is Trump now? The answer: The outsider who would come in and break up what’s going on, drain the swamp. He’s right in there with the rest of them. Arguably the biggest gator with his own unique bite.”

Cuomo also called out the myriad Republicans who argued so fervently against appointing a new justice so close to an election in 2016, even though it was several months further away than now, for breaking their word and doing exactly what they said should never be done. Cuomo questioned how so many Americans can accept the hypocrisy.

“All of you Republicans in the Senate said it was wrong to do it with an election that close, and now you all just smile and admit you lied to everyone,” Cuomo said. “This must be obvious to all of us. Nope. Divided along the same lines no matter how blatant the hypocrisy. Do so many really expect so little? Nothing better than this?”

Cuomo later added, “We are witnessing epic hypocrisy. The Republicans looked you in the eye and said, ‘Look, nine months out from an election, we gotta let the people decide.’ The sitting president now said that to me. He said it.”

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